December 2020 — The coronavirus continues to keep the world in suspense. Avoiding personal contact is still the most important factor in containing the COVID19 pandemic. Because the virus is far from being defeated or under control. Although global measures to protect against infection have improved some areas, the numbers are still rising or are not falling to a safe level.

What has not been possible in all professions so far: reducing contacts.

In order to protect oneself and others, nothing is currently more effective than avoiding personal encounters. This is what virologists recommend, and politicians are reacting accordingly. In…

Interview with Hermann Kamp, specialist for digital healthcare

These have undoubtedly been challenging times lately. Special times require special measures. That’s why we at ClinicAll focus all our energy and our technological and digital expertise on supporting the healthcare sector. We all know that in our new world with Covid, digital applications are essential to ensure our health in the long term and to make our lives more comfortable again. In particular, patient treatments must be safe and relieve and also protect doctors and staff.

During this global pandemic, we have learned many new things that need to be implemented…

Nursing staff can now find out immediately via app what patients actually need or want. This is a considerable advantage over the conventional patient bell. This is because staff can plan their work better with the digital patient call and save unnecessary walking distances every day.

The digitalization provider ClinicAll has developed an app that is designed to connect patients and nursing staff in a simple way — digitally and contactless. The possibility to send messages within the clinic directly from the smartphone should relieve the nursing staff. …

There are now numerous solution providers for digitalization in the healthcare sector. Which of them set the tone and which countries are ahead in digitization? One thing is clear: there are still big differences in speed worldwide,. One might think that Germany has already come a long way as an innovation country. But to put it positively: There is still a lot of potential, and the solution providers are ready.

Every country has a healthcare system, practically everyone wants to go digital, but there are still big differences.

Because the willingness to innovate is so different internationally, solution providers need…

Berlin, September 11, 2015

Already five years ago, this study showed very clearly how high the stress load for the caregiving staff is because of undifferentiated patient calls: Additional walking routes amount to up to 1 hour per station and shift.

For exactly these reasons, the caregivers need full digital support. And in the current times, that’s even more important than ever before!

Read the study here — (link to PDF file)

ClinicAll developed the new ClinicAll Communicator app to create the most simple way to connect patients and staff in the simplest way — digital, contactless, supporting and protecting.

No central installation necessary, easy download via iOS and Android app stores — the ClinicAll Communicator is the new way of digital communication for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The advantages at a glance: ✓ digital communication between staff and patients in quarantine ✓ noticeable relieve for the nursing staff ✓ immediatly useable for every hospital, no on-site installations necessary ✓ contactless communication reduces the risk of infection ✓ free of charge over…

Decisive action is now needed to fight the coronavirus successfully. Most importantly, nursing staff needs protection and support. Everything that makes their work easier improves patient care, relieves pressure on hospitals and, in the end, helps saving lives.

That is why ClinicAll developed the new ClinicAll Communicator app. It connects patients and staff in the simplest way — digital, contactless, supporting and protecting.

ClinicAll Communicator is a lean app for iOS and Android. This app enables patients to send their requests to the nursing staff from their own mobile devices. The nurses and staff members on the quarantine stations receive…

Special times demand special measures. This is the reason why we from ClinicAll focus all our energy and technological expertise on supporting the healthcare sector. We know that digital applications help to make patient treatments easier and reduce the workload of doctors and staff.

Communication, room control, patient data, patient care, food ordering, simplified logistic processes — the potential of digital solutions is huge.

For everybody involved, the additional burden due to the current situation is very high. We also know that time is short.

How can we assist hospitals, rehab centres, nursing homes and assisted living facilities to improve…

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In many countries all around the world, the situation is getting serious: Hospitals are overcrowded because of the Corona virus, doctors and staff overloaded, and people are deeply unsettled, facing many restrictions in their daily routines.

Every day, there are new reports: The Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) has spread over 100 countries by now. Practically anywhere on this planet, people face the risk of infection. Currently, the biggest expansion areas are in China, Korea, Japan, Iran; and in Europe in Italy, Germany and France.

Some regions report terrifying horror stories: In Italy, the healthcare system is stretched to the maximum as…

What happened!? Our large global community has grown together so much in recent decades, many of us travel the entire globe, we share social networks, chat rooms, apps for communication and the Internet. We all communicate with people on a daily basis whom we have met in all kinds of ways, we form new friendships, respect the traditions of others and exchange information.

In our connected world, we learn about disasters in other corners of the world through news and the Internet within mere minutes after they happen, and we all do our best to feel with the victims, provide…

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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