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3 min readMar 4, 2020


What happened!? Our large global community has grown together so much in recent decades, many of us travel the entire globe, we share social networks, chat rooms, apps for communication and the Internet. We all communicate with people on a daily basis whom we have met in all kinds of ways, we form new friendships, respect the traditions of others and exchange information.

In our connected world, we learn about disasters in other corners of the world through news and the Internet within mere minutes after they happen, and we all do our best to feel with the victims, provide help and support.

And now we are witnesses of the sudden outbreak of a virus affecting our friends at different places in the world. The virus is spreading rapidly, and we are just not familiar with it. And what can we do? Nothing!

Suddenly governments are under pressure, people experience a massive increase in uncertainty over a short period of time, quick measures are taken, whether these are sensible or not, cities are sealed off, schools, airports and public places are closed, and many other activities are reduced or cancelled. Most probably, we don’t even learn about many of the measures, while our normal daily routines are turned upside down completely.

Why is that? In my opinion, the problem is partly related to the nature of communication. We have become accustomed to one-way communication, and messages are spread for information but not for action.

Until today, I have not found a community, a platform where members can get in touch directly with professional experts, also across national borders, to obtain information.

Most of the time, doctors, hospitals and other local institutions have too much to do already and no time to provide advice and help. Knowledge, experience, results and helpful information remain regional and are not effectively communicated.

Such situations, albeit ugly, are an excellent example of how important a global, cross-border, currency-independent community can be, which allows for a quick exchange with experts from all around the world for members all around the world. Our Clinicall Health Community pursues exactly this goal, from around the world to around the world, service providers and experts for members, members supporting the experts.

Please feel free to learn about our idea at clinicall.io , and take a little break to read the Whitepaper. If our healthcare system was as well organized and functioning as other areas of our daily lives, our health would certainly be better protected.

Kind regards,

Hermann Kamp



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