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Use our introduction offer: 2 months cost-free for every healthcare facility

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1 min readApr 21, 2020


ClinicAll developed the new ClinicAll Communicator app to create the most simple way to connect patients and staff in the simplest way — digital, contactless, supporting and protecting.

No central installation necessary, easy download via iOS and Android app stores — the ClinicAll Communicator is the new way of digital communication for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The advantages at a glance:

✓ digital communication between staff and patients in quarantine
✓ noticeable relieve for the nursing staff
✓ immediatly useable for every hospital, no on-site installations necessary
✓ contactless communication reduces the risk of infection
✓ free of charge over a two-month period for all hospitals and medical facilities

We already offer the ClinicAll Communicator app for free to hospitals with coronavirus quarantine facilities.

The extensive feedback we’ve got so far showed us that many facilities are willing to try out the novelty features and advantages of the ClinicAll Communicator app within their general stations.

This is the reason why we are now extending our offer for all hospitals and medical healthcare facilities:

Just download the App and start now — 2 months free trial

Note: There is no obligation for hospitals to continue using the ClinicAll app after the two free months have expired.



ClinicAll Healthcare

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