ClinicAll at Capital Congress of Medicine and Healthcare BERLIN 2019

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ClinicAll is taking center stage at the 22nd annual Capital Congress of Medicine and Healthcare. This year held on the 21st of May at the CityCube in Berlin. Here the top politicians, scientists and representatives of all health care groups meet to discuss the future of healthcare digitalisation. The motto being, “Health policy, health care, health professionals in times of digital change”.

ClinicAll has accepted the call to be a leader and ambassador for the digitalisation of healthcare. The ClinicAll team is very proud to be involved in first-hand creation and implementation of a new wave of technology that has a critical role in the future of sound, reliable and modern healthcare practices.

Hermann Kamp, ClinicAll’s very own CEO is meeting Jens Spahn, Germany’s Minister of Health, to discuss the future direction of medical services and the path forward for the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. Mr Kamp is showcasing ClinicAll’s advance medical software which was developed in partnership with Microsoft and is implemented in hospitals across ten countries. Mr Kamp will tell you, ‘this is only the beginning’.

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ClinicAll’s CEO Hermann Kamp explains his vision & take on digitalisation in healthcare to Germany’s Minister of Health Jens Spahn.

ClinicAll’s current products in the market have targeted the areas of secure data administration, cost efficiency and the processing of sensitive patient data. For example, the ClinicAll software platform for bedside terminals has included digitalized processes for 3rd party integration. ClinicAll’s software bridges the gaps between everyone in the hospital environment by providing data sharing abilities. Hospital staff and doctors save valuable time because of the ClinicAll system; it aids in performing administrative and non-medical patient needs. For ClinicAll’s digital solutions to be successful, smooth data access and secure communication are crucial, here the ClinicAll team looks to the future.

Further development of ClinicAll Software involves integration with blockchain technology, which connects to the global healthcare sector. Granting millions of people direct access to much-needed healthcare and medical services via their smart devices, currently, many people around the world are currently going without. This goal will be accomplished with the technical implementation and establishing of the worldwide ClinicAll Healthcare Community.

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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