ClinicAll: Modern Vision on the Healthcare Industry

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Many companies understand the healthcare sector has been falling behind other industries in recent years. They have started to develop mind-boggling projects to change and improve a few medical processes or the entire healthcare system. The role of the healthcare industry must not be underestimated because our health can’t be borrowed, and we need always be concerned about it.

People are tired of outdated and inefficient services. They want to have free and easy access to the facilities healthcare providers can give them and avoid long waiting times. Moreover, everyone likes being heard and feeling important. That’s why patients want to feel comfortable, and high-quality service allows this feeling.The big gap between patients and staff must be removed. The waiting time for treatment and services must be expedited, and prices must be affordable for clients.

Due to these problems, the ClinicAll project has been developed. ClinicAll has built a health ecosystem to include everyone: from users of the ClinicAll app to medical staff. Undoubtedly, ClinicAll will raise the healthcare system to a new, better level along with giving their customers opportunities to gain benefits from being a member of the ClinicAll health community. There’s no question: If you expect convenient healthcare services of high quality, you should be aware of ClinicAll. How the project is going to change the healthcare system is worth your attention.

Is ClinicAll working for your needs?

It’s important to mention that ClinicAll is not a ‘newbie’ in the healthcare market. Numbers speak for themselves. The ClinicAll company has existed since 2008. Currently, the ClinicAll software system has been implemented in clinics and hospitals in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia. Since 2015, the medical staff and patients have had full access to electronic medical records via ClinicAll terminals in one of the Slovenian hospitals. The same year, two benefits were installed in Slovenia: Doctors and staff got the opportunity to access and edit patients data at the bedside; and patients started to check-in automatically via ClinicAll terminals. As another example, more than 200 ClinicAll systems have been installed in a hospital in Saudi Arabia, and in a Qatar hospital more than 400 ClinicAll systems were implemented.

Recently, ClinicAll has released the CHC Community Mobile App which allows patients to use their own devices in hospitals and health centers where ClinicAll software is installed. The mobile app provides a list of benefits to the each member of the health community, including getting help around the world, staying in touch with doctors and medical stuff, additional services for patients in or at nearby clinics and special offers for guests/visitors. What is more valuable is that the healthcare ecosystem of ClinicAll will look and feel like a big community, where every member has the opportunity to communicate with the others.

Why ClinicAll is what you can believe in

The ClinicAll software has been an independent platform since the new ClinicAll app became available for iOS, Android and Windows in 2018. The app can be used on any mobile or stationary device. Everyone can become a member of the ClinicAll health community. What you need to do is download and use the ClinicAll mobile app. Being part of the community gives users the full range of different benefits. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, as a member of CHC Health Community, you will have full access to all of the services and offers ClinicAll and its partners provide.

You will be able to view the available offers clearly, choose the services you prefer and contact healthcare providers yourself. Healthcare services have never been as easily accessible and smartly collected in one app. Saving time and money for the whole health community of ClinicAll, that’s what is really important for our company.

In the hospital, patients can feel like they are at home. The medical staff and ClinicAll care about patients comfort. Patients of clinics and medical institutions cooperating with the company are provided with access to Internet and TV, the ability to control the facilities in the ward and monitor their health status. They get special announcements, order their meals and can easily call the nurse. Disabled people and people with special needs are not an exception. They have the opportunity to use the options mentioned above, thanks to features like optionally installed eye control.

The company will co-work with a big range of medical institutions and health related facilities, giving members of the ClinicAll community an option to choose appropriate services, offerings from pharmacies and the providers of optional rehab or training programs during the hospital stay or after check-out.

Blockchain technology is what ClinicAll will integrate for the easy payments via tokens. Other implementations of blockchain for healthcare-related services will be considered as well. The ClinicAll healthcare ecosystem allows people to use the ClinicAll Health Tokens (CHT). The owners of this token have the right to pay for the services and goods supplied by all participating healthcare professionals within the ClinicAll health ecosystem. Paying via ClinicAll Health Tokens makes the process of payment smarter and safer, preventing credit card frauds. Due to this option, health-related services will become more accessible and comfortable.

The main purpose of ClinicAll

The modern healthcare system focuses on the needs and comfort of patients. ClinicAll is a great example for other healthcare companies.The philosophy of ClinicAll is all about making a wonderful health community by providing excellent service to take care of each individual and giving the feeling of respect and importance to every member of the group. The community ClinicAll has built allows creation of great, close contact among every part of the association. It’s clear the ClinicAll digitized ecosystem is ahead of the future because it combines implementation of software features and blockchain solutions.

Visit today and learn more about the project.

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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