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Every tale has a beginning, just as any successful venture has its history. Big industrial giants have not always been that way; all of them were startups once upon a time. The natural order of things seems to be the most definitive. To reach the top, one should start from the bottom, learn the system from the inside, and gradually aim higher and higher. The same applies to the majority of companies. To thrive, the company must know its chosen industry, its needs and challenges.

ClinicAll was founded in Germany in 2008. The company saw business opportunities establishing modern infotainment systems for patients, providing more features and options in comparison to the traditional TV sets used at the time. At this point, development of the company’s software and multilateral technological ground for the system under development was started. Since then, Germany has been ClinicAll’s entertainment system domain. The growing demand for the company’s software solutions in the form of bedside terminals pushed the company forward along with its international expansion. In 2010, ClinicAll International Corporation was founded in the USA. In the following years, the corporate organization evolved into a network of wholly-owned branches of the ClinicAll International Corporation, comprising of national subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Gibraltar, North America and Middle East.

Over the years, the company made numerous partners from different areas. In 2012, ClinicAll established a strategic partnership with Microsoft and launched the then-new Windows 8-based software for clinic terminals, taking a unique position in the market, pursuing its long-term vision of patient bedside software reformation. This software platform enabled easy integration of any third party software, paving the way for further global environment creation.

2013 marked the launch of the CliniTec Box, the first fully integrated patient bedside terminal and software in a portable inward trolley. The same year, a super-rugged tablet PC to ClinicAll specifications was also introduced, designed to withstand the hard everyday use in hospital environments. Innovative use of hardware for hospitals has been a constant topic ever since. Today, ClinicAll systems can be installed at the patient’s bedside, they can be accessed from Android or iOS devices via the new ClinicAll Mobile App, and also large-format high-definition TV screens can also be seemlessly integrated.

The year 2014 brought the ability to access Electronic Medical Records through ClinicAll terminals, with its first implementation in a hospital in Slovenia. In 2015, the company presented its ClinicAll Software App v2.0 which offered real-time multitasking for TV/Internet/phone connections supplemented with additional hospital service proposals. Thanks to HIS integration into the system, hospital staff were finally able to maintain and add patient records in digital format without leaving the ward. The system undertook administrative procedures and an automated check-in, saving time for qualified personnel. Saudi Arabia welcomed the new software by installing 200 pieces of the software in its leading private clinic group with a new individualized screen design covering 24 applications. Similar success awaited in Qatar, with more than 400 ClinicAll systems being installed in 2018.

When the German Federal Health Minister paid a visit to ClinicAll’s German branch in 2017 with his presentation on “The Significance of IT and Digitalization for Future Supply Structures,” it coincided with the company’s ambition for the creation of a global digital health community uniting patients, hospital staff and other players in the healthcare industry under one roof. In 2018, ClinicAll has made a live demonstration of its new ClinicAll Mobile App, leading to the digitized health community beng available from all over the world at the conhIT exhibition. This app means that ClinicAll services were now also available on iOS and Android devices, so that support for all major operating systems is ensured. By that time, a great variety of new features were integrated into the system.

As of now, ClinicAll’s blockchain initiative is considered one of the most promising among other healthcare projects thanks to its unique peculiarities. With practically unlimited growth potential in terms of community expansion, the global scaling of the ecosystem is only a matter of time. The environment welcomes everyone, whether working in healthcare or using healthcare services, which makes potential users of the whole planet. Lack of geographical boundaries ensures the opportunity to obtain adequate treatment, medicines or other care services wherever users might be. Implementation of automated software solutions for administrative tasks takes the edge off the current shortage of qualified personnel who are occupied with time-consuming administrative duties.

With the inflow of patients comes an increased number of available services and thus the companies providing them. A comfortable and economically beneficial payment system positively influences overall services, leading to the companies’ revenues rising without pinching patient budgets. The digital nature of the system speeds up the shift towards digitized medical records, eliminating the problems of insufficient data interoperability and saving up a substantial amount of time by lessening the administrative workload for medical professionals. Considering the ongoing technological revolution and mass data digitization, it’s of crucial importance to ensure data security and privacy despite the overall transparency of operations. The immutable essence of data transactions prevents corruption and imposes a higher level of data security.

While giving preference to a specific initiative for the healthcare ‘upgrade,’ both governments and end users need to consider the experience of the ClinicAll company team and its dedication to the chosen course. There are numerous healthcare projects to support, but in the end, it’s always the one offering maximum opportunities for patients and medical institutions which will continue the race. The proactive social position of the healthcare community members can make a difference in our world of tomorrow, and if we’d like to have a bright and glowing future, we should care about what we choose.

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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