ClinicAll’s CHC fights Corona!

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Like everyone else, we from ClinicAll follow closely all events related to the Corona virus. Currently, cases are documented all over the world. Of course, people are concerned and there is a huge demand for information and professional help.

We are absolutely convinced that an online healthcare community is an invaluable support in this situation. The problem is that traditional information channels — like TV or even the internet — work in one direction only: Announcements, info maps, etc. There’s also a big danger of scaremongering or the distribution of fake news.

Now, who will answer all the individual questions of the persons concerned? In case of an epidemic event, not everyone can just walk to the next doctor: There might be travel restrictions, practices and hospitals are overburdened or much too far away.

An online community — such as the ClinicAll Healthcare Community — offers several major advantages:

– World-wide partner and specialists network

– Fast access for everyone to information, help and advice

– Group calls or online information seminars

– CHC Token ensures simple, fast and safe transactions world-wide

– Independent from the physical location of all community members

During an epidemic event, resources are limited. There is a finite number of specialists, and they cannot spend unlimited time. This is why group calls or information seminars are so vital: If 5 or 10 community members attend one group meeting with a specialist, cost is vastly reduced for every single member. In addition, a multitude of people can be reached in less time, yet still everyone gets individual advice and help.

In view of the current situation, we wish everyone good health. It is our vision to help making access to medical aid as easy and good as possible for everyone by building the ClinicAll Healthcare Community. We firmly believe that the well-being of any individual is the most valuable asset.

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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