Digitalization of modern healthcare solutions via blockchain technology

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Technology is driving a world that is constantly shifting all around us. Every day there are companies that unveil new devices, new systems and clever solutions to make life a slightly more comfortable. Innovations in technology lead to cost-effective production and with broader distribution networks, changing the economic hurdles to many needed products and services.

At the apex of this technological revolution is blockchain ledger technology. The first application of blockchain was born from the mysterious Satoshi paper, named ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. Since this experiment, blockchain technology has dramatically altered how startups and enterprises will look to fundraise. Thanks to distributed ledgers, IPO type fundraising is now accessible to any business looking to make an offer of value. Let’s cover the definition of blockchain and an understanding of how its development will play a significant role in business development regarding data management.

Why consider blockchain technology?

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Experts term blockchain technology as a key for digital transformation and a secured data storage platform. It’s a group of blocks joined using cryptography. Perhaps more interesting is that you can’t modify this data once written. Once data is written it is secure by data interoperability, which is the ability to freely share information across blockchain systems. If a user sends you something on your blockchain, you will be able to easily read, comprehend, and interact with or respond to it efficiently, then distribute it to further parties.

According to experts. Instead of having a centralised database that someone can easily hack and steal data, why not have databases that are distributed, without a single point of failure or single target for attack. These databases consist of data records that preserve the singularity, validity, and integrity of the information they store. Thus, no third party required to hold of your private information.


The healthcare industry is in dire need of digitisation. According to Life Sciences research, patient data doubles every 73 days; the costs to store and protect such a vast quantity of data is astronomical, data that could be used to build patient a history records, is often not recorded. This is the result of a high level of concern regarding data sensitivity and patient privacy. Furthermore, access constraints due to legacy security protocols inhibit access to valuable data, otherwise causing potential opportunities for data breaches.

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Personal patient data had always been loaded with many issues — What data is to be collected? Who has the right to collect it? How is this information to be used? Who owns the information collected? And so on. Our medical records have many implications to future opportunities, even compremising your livelihood and longevity. This is not an area that is taken seriously by most people, as medical technology improves, your medical records will include a comprehensive medical history, vaccinations, routine checkups, documented incidents, insurance claims and potentially your complete genome. All this data is extremely valuable and important when seeking medical care, accessing healthcare, assessment pre procedures, but also in general situations; when travelling, applying for visas and even job applications.

The blockchain solution for healthcare

The complication in digitising healthcare is accessing, protecting and storing of sensitive patient data. Using blockchain technology, every person will have complete control and access to all his/her data, and even with who they choose to share particular information. Users will be able to transport and access their records on their devices, irrelevant of location and nationality. This enables you to interact with a third party company, without reveal your whole personal information to them; opportunities for data research, with the confidence of privacy, will be available on a wide scale. Data interoperable, a security measure inherit to the nature of blockchain, offers many possibilities to the future of medical data research, taking privacy to the nth degree. This control and access to information will grant everyone healthcare throughout the world. Everyone deserves the right to a long healthy life, with the appropriate medical care with their privacy intact.

The role of the entrepreneur

Solutions come from minds that are thinking in innovative ways and applying technnology to these traditional problems. Hermann Kamp from ClinicAll has had the goal of improving healthcare in his sights for over a decade.

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Hermann Kamp at Berlin’s CityCube with Mr. Jens Spahn — Germany’s Minister of Health

His active role as CEO of ClinicAll has allowed him to position himself with government bodies, industry leaders and lawmakers that clearly understand the challenge at hand. These relationships have facilitated the conversation that leads to education and trust building in the technology. Although a long journey, in order to achieve a successful result, it is clear that collaboration is most important. Creating more partnerships and gaining the trust of governments for the very first step. ClinicAll is installed and operating in 10 countries across 4 continents to date, with ambitious plans for continued expansion.

Kamp sees a world where healthcare is universal for all humans globally; all of us can claim our responsibility to support a person-to-person system that provides healthcare to the world. Gone are the days where governments can focus on their microstate, without considering the citizens of the world. In a technologically connected environment, everyone can look forward to a universal medical network supporting all people with an internet connection.

The ClinicAll vision

Medical attention and healthcare services will no longer be limited by national borders, sharing help and being there for each other as people is the key. ClinicAll believes that everyone knows this. People reserve the right for choice, nationality, religion, spiritual beliefs, differences aside, nobody should be deprived of the right to healthcare irrespective of their personal choices, or local circumstances.

ClinicAll will be known as the movement that changed the status of both medical access and blockchain technology; the mobile software platform will be the access point to a world community of people that decided that healthcare is for everyone. The ClinicAll Health Community will consist of members, patients, doctors, carers, therapists and service providers. Using a cryptocurrency healthcare services currency (CHC) giving life to the ClinicAll ecosystem. Not only a valuable utility token everywhere in the world, but also a perfectly executed and implementation of blockchain for business.

Kamp explains, ‘In our experience, we must grow together, our CHC community is coming together because of people that understand and trust in the world that we are creating. Our community is facilitating the instrument to equalise access to healthcare globally. We know that for this dream to become a reality it must be demanded by the world population, they have called, and we have answered.’

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  • by Fabian Klein

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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