How digitalization relieves caregiving staff: More efficient processes thanks to app notifications instead of classic nurse calls

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Nursing staff can now find out immediately via app what patients actually need or want. This is a considerable advantage over the conventional patient bell. This is because staff can plan their work better with the digital patient call and save unnecessary walking distances every day.

The digitalization provider ClinicAll has developed an app that is designed to connect patients and nursing staff in a simple way — digitally and contactless. The possibility to send messages within the clinic directly from the smartphone should relieve the nursing staff. The risk of infection can also be reduced to a certain extent by using such an app.

In principle, the app maps the possibilities of a soft nurse call. In many clinics, such a function is not yet installed at all — there, patients can only contact the staff via a conventional “patient bell”.

3-stage status display for messages

Patients can call the ClinicAll Communicator App on their smartphone and then select from a list of pre-defined messages for the nursing staff. A three-level display then shows the patient the current status of the call:

  1. select call
  2. nursing staff has received the call
  3. nursing staff is on the way to the patient

Simple monitoring for nurses

Staff can also easily use the app on any iOS or Android device in the clinic. These could be tablet PCs, for example, which are used on the clinic’s wards. When the ClinicAll Communicator app is called, the time and the exact status of each current patient message are displayed directly.

Full adaptability for every customer

The provider ClinicAll has also developed a web-based customer backend. Here, for example, clinic staff can adapt, change or extend the wording and content of all patient messages (“I need water”, etc.). This pre-selection of messages is then automatically offered for selection to all patients in the respective clinic.

The ClinicAll Communicator App was launched in April 2020. The system is currently being tested in several clinics. To attract potential customers to the app, the manufacturer is offering a free two-month trial period.

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