Major Announcement: IEO approved on LA Token!

ClinicAll CHC Token — Now listed on LATOKEN!

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Our Public sale of CHC token has been active for only six weeks, and we have news of a big surprise. We are delighted to announce that the ClinicAll CHC Token will be listed on LATOKEN, one of the top 30 crypto exchanges with a focus on providing liquidity for new tokens. Here’s some more information on LATOKEN:

● $300+ million daily turnover

● 150,000+ registered traders

● 350+ crypto pairs available for trading

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Initial Exchange Offer (IEO)

Our ClinicAll Health Token (CHC) will be launched as an initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the LA Token platform (LAT). The proposed Launch date to be the 30th of April 2019. LAT will facilitate direct access to purchase CHT by their account holders and will allow CHT to access enhanced liquidity and transparency. This IEO will grant LA token account holders a discount of 10% off their purchase of CHT.

We are very proud to announce this partnership and looking forward to the positive results from LATOKEN’s participation in ClinicAll’s token sales, as it provides an additional easy way for everyone to participate in the ClinicAll project and support our vision of the future of global healthcare!

CHC token is our business expanding strategy

What happens when an established company connects to a blockchain? We are bricks and mortar that is about to go hyper-digital…

ClinicAll has put long term planning and considerable critical thinking to design a token that can be integrated into the clinicAll business ecosystem to strengthen its business model while adding enormous value circulation within the ClinicAll Health Community. For over 10 years we have been installing, servicing and developing in-hospital products. ClinicAll’s software and technology development has now reached ten plus countries and is supported by six global branches. We will continue expansion with the close alignment of medical regulations and ongoing work with healthcare partners to ultimately improve the in-hospital patient experience.

Our purpose to digitize healthcare and geographically spread medical services — is on track and we will accelerate expansion as this project is nothing like and doesn’t suffer from the growing pains of a startup. We have a significantly different business model and a clear advantage in resources, including: A well-established business, a mature and seasoned team, internal assets and a product inventory to support our goals.

Utilising the latest information technology and implementing it in support of our existing business model will create a sustained competitive advantage. This will come in the form of our community and token economy, only made possible by blockchain technology. Now with our partnership with LATOKEN, accellerating the distribution of CHC token — We are very confident that ClinicAll’s market leadership will continue to reign.

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