New horizons for Healthcare with ClinicAll

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The CHC token by ClinicAll is one of those projects to be following in 2019. Everyone in the token space has been looking for the next brick and mortar company that launches a digital asset with the stability of an established enterprise and long-standing track record.

Successful Marketing Strategy — A Community Focus

ClinicAll understands that the key to launching a utility token in 2019 is transparency and community involvement. CHC has taken a sensible approach to their marketing campaign. Where they were steering away from hype-driven strategies, ClinicAll has leveraged their working relationships with established customers and internal partners. Taking a community-focused approach and rewarding the people close to the heart of the business, proves ClinicAll is here for the long haul. Distributing future economic benefits with their core community, which naturally supports their goals and core values — is a critical factor to why CHC continues to grow in momentum.

ClinicAll Community Investment Phase extends

Since the launch of the CHC public sale, ClinicAll has been forced to extend the public sale dates to accommodate partnership requests and late commitments. The CHC public sale will now continue until the 31st of December 2019, reliving pressure from potential buyers and allowing strategic partners to explore all avenues of support and value creation. These new sale dates allow for the, already CHC members to truly take full advantage of any cryptocurrency price fluctuations when purchasing.

Exchanges and IEO Partners

Regarding exchange partnerships, LAToken was the first to establish a token sale agreement with CHC and conducted their in-house IEO. LAToken members were offered a discount of 10% for any CHC purchases. Spoiler alert — during this time ClinicAll executive staff were in talks with several other well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. The extended public sale dates will allow for the approval and signing of further token sales agreements. Expect the announcement of other IEO partnerships very shortly.

Media Partnerships

Early into the CHC public sale, it was evident that ClinicAll was attracting a good fit for attention, requests for media partnerships soon followed. A market for affordable healthcare access was proven; the people are listening. Media outlets such as ICO talk TV and Crypto Marko presented ClinicAll’s CHC token. But, perhaps the most exciting was David Pakman from the Pakman show — who did a complete feature episode on the goals and achievements of ClinicAll.

Pakman Show:

All excellent news for the ClinicAll ICO

The ClinicAll eco-system is genuinely beginning to blossom. One thing we know is that the digitization of healthcare is not going to happen on its own accord. A massive amount of coordinated effort, administration and change strategy will need to take place, and who is going to pick up that expense. ClinicAll has been quieting working on bringing forward the solutions. Recently launching an updated pitch deck to illustrate solutions and expanded project details.

New pitch deck:

New horizons for Healthcare with ClinicAll

As we move forward into the Q3 and then Q4 of 2019, ClinicAll will remain at the forefront of healthcare digitization.

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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