Official announcement Monday 30th September 2019

The New ClinicAll CHC App

ClinicAll now has a full digital wallet for CHC and invites all holders and token purchasers to register. Everyone can register and access the CHC digital wallet by downloading and logging into the app. Already CHC account holders can access the App by registering the same login details as the ClinicAll ICO community website —

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The latest version of the ClinicAll App is equipt for CHC holders to connect and transact with the wider ClinicAll ecosystem. Now in-hospital technology can be accessed and controlled by your own device. ClinicAll for 10 years has been developing and selling technology for in-hospital use, connecting a personal digital device was a natural progression.

ClinicAll understands that a traditional hospitals experience, may cause stress and anxiety to patients or loved ones. ClinicAll found that empowering the patients, resulted in lowered stress levels. Now the ClinicAll app allows patients to have access to communications, entertainment, care and grades of assistance.

The latest version of the App, means ClinicAll technology can now leave with the patient, giving access to many hospital services all accessible with the CHC token. The transactions of CHC give access for all types of medical and healthcare services, without boundaries.

The ClinicAll team has a vision and goal for global healthcare access. The CHC holders and ClinicAll healthcare community are the pioneers in creating this dream into reality. Just by using the CHC token, anyone can own part of the infrastructure that will support a global healthcare system.

CHC is the community pulse that powers access to a worldwide medical system, which welcomes everybody to participate.

This week with complete review of Clinicall App.

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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