The Corona virus is spreading panic — online communities can be of invaluable help!

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4 min readMar 12, 2020


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In many countries all around the world, the situation is getting serious: Hospitals are overcrowded because of the Corona virus, doctors and staff overloaded, and people are deeply unsettled, facing many restrictions in their daily routines.

Every day, there are new reports: The Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) has spread over 100 countries by now. Practically anywhere on this planet, people face the risk of infection. Currently, the biggest expansion areas are in China, Korea, Japan, Iran; and in Europe in Italy, Germany and France.

Some regions report terrifying horror stories: In Italy, the healthcare system is stretched to the maximum as many hospitals cannot take any more patients. Especially people that belong to risk groups are suffering badly: Elderly people (over 60–65 years) or those with certain pre-existing conditions such as heart diseases. COVID-19, a severe pneumonia caused by the Corona virus, may lead to death in many cases. Drugs or vaccinations are under development, but not available yet.

Even access to several standard drugs is limited by now. Many basic medicines are only produced in China and India for the world-wide markets. But especially in these countries, there are bottlenecks due to production stoppages or export restrictions. Even disinfection agents are not available in many places!

The sudden outbreak of Corona catches the healthcare systems world-wide on the wrong foot!

Many people just don’t know how they should take care for themselves and their relatives. Media create panic, and it’s getting hard to distinguish true facts from fake news.

In addition, Corona did not even spread yet to many great countries and regions: For example India or Africa. Truth is that no one knows how a big outbreak in those regions could ever be handled successfully.

For people all over the world, the ClinicAll Healthcare Community is an invaluable project in a situation like this!

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We firmly believe that the ClinicAll Healthcare Community can be of real, valuable help for the people. Not only will it be supportive in everybody’s everyday life, but especially in times of crisis it will offer several substantial advantages:

– Trusted, reputable advice for every member
We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get professional medical aid. We make sure that only qualified, validated specialists and medical professionals offer their services to the ClinicAll Healthcare Community.

– Fast contact between members and professionals
It is especially in times of crisis that one has to act fast! This is what Corona teaches us. In the online community, members can immediately contact doctors and professionals world-wide. Their physical location is irrelevant. This also means that requests for professionals are more evenly spread-out. It won’t happen that there is overload in one geographical location while capacities are left unused in other places.

– Online consultations and info seminars
Of course, the ClinicAll Healthcare Community won’t replace intensive care units. But it can replace consultations in medical practices. It can deliver answers for many individual questions, and it can help diagnose in many cases. This is invaluable when there are travel restrictions, or when the next doctor remains at an unreachable distance, depending on the members’ locations.

– Expert chats, info seminars and group calls
Virus experts and doctors can use any media (such as TV, news, internet) to spread news and information about Corona. But only expert chats or group calls offer truly individual information — because every participating member of the ClinicAll Healthcare Community may ask their own questions.

– Low cost, easy payments world-wide
Online consultations and group calls offer another important advantage: Expenses for the individual members are much lower. In addition, token payments are fast, safe and transparent everywhere on this planet — an integral part of the ClinicAll Healthcare Community concept.

– Make best use of restricted ressources
During an epidemic event, resources are limited. There is a finite number of specialists, and they cannot spend unlimited time. By using our online community, a multitude of people can be reached in less time, yet still everyone gets individual advice and help.

– Better care for risk groups
The ClinicAll Healthcare Community offers great help to anyone of us belonging to a risk group: For example it helps to find answers for those affected or for their relatives, it offers individual tips and hints or helps getting in contact with dedicated specialists. Especially in those countries where the public healthcare system has more severe limitations, the ClinicAll Healthcare Community thus becomes an invaluable aid!

– Collect important data for healthcare organisations
Corona also teaches us how important it is to gather reliable information quickly. Medical professionals and experts within the ClinicAll Healthcare Community will always stay in close contact with each other — this is the heart of any online community. This way, valuable data, case numbers and other insight can be quickly and easily gathered and exchanged, especially in crisis zones.

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Since more than 10 years, ClinicAll successfully serves the healthcare sector by providing digital services to hospitals in various countries. We believe that the well-being of any individual is the most valuable asset. It is our objective to make access to medical aid as easy and good as possible for everyone by building the ClinicAll Healthcare Community — all over the world. Let’s be better prepared for the next crisis.



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