The Great Story Of ClinicAll Isn’t Over; It Has Only Begun

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ClinicAll is a health-care company formed in 2008. For over a decade it has been developing and adopting valuable high-tech solutions for patients and doctors alike. Their software and hardware services and products are recognized and used worldwide. ClinicAll is striving for quality modifications and digitization in this most important area, despite the sluggish pace of healthcare`s adoption of new technologies. During these many years ClinicAll has been earning the trust of its clients and has made their reputation as a responsible, open and virtuous company. However, where did it start?

The Very Beginning

The story of ClinicAll began in 2008. A long six years of improvement and intensive development made it possible to launch the first ClinicAll software and proprietary terminals in German hospitals by ClinicAll Germany GmbH. They concentrated on the development and rollout of digital services in healthcare facilities. At that time, the primary goal was to provide a modern entertainment system for patients to offer more options than the simple TV sets typically in use at the time. It was a technological basis for further developments of the ClinicAll system.

The second step was the founding of the ClinicAll International Corporation in 2010 in the U.S. to better support international marketing and sales. Meanwhile, product development and realisation are located in the German subsidiary. In the years following 2010, more subsidiaries were opened in Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Middle East and North America serving not only their home countries but also others. The main goals were aimed at ensuring access to the systems and integrating hospital functions.

A New Position In The Market

The next years were of vital importance for ClinicAll. A strategic partnership with Microsoft in 2012 unlocked new opportunities and untapped potential for the company. A medical software based on Windows 8 was launched for the first time.

The work done during this period allowed ClinicAll to gain a unique position in the market. The important task was to build on its achievements by continuing to work hard. The most significant solution of that time was an upgrading and setting revolutionizing software for patients at their bedsides. Obviously, the distinctive features of that software were accessibility and simplicity.

However, ClinicAll did not stop there — in 2013, the CliniTec Box was launched. A compact terminal on wheels intended for versatile deployment anywhere from patient bedsides to any health departments was an innovation in healthcare. It provided mobility, security and easy displacement. Using ClinicAll systems, hospitals were also fitted with terminals providing full access to Electronic Medical Records. This was successfully realized for the first time in Slovenia in 2014, cooperating with a local software partner.

Great Achievements

The following years were especially productive for the company. The implementation of ClinicAll Software App v2.0 gave lots of collaboration opportunities for medical workers and patients. It also provided various real-time multitasking service applications such as TV, Internet, telephone and more.

Digitized solutions did not end there. HIS including EMR were fully integrated for the first time, giving doctors and other medical staff access to patients` data directly at the point-of-care, the bedside.

Further, at the University Hospital of Golnik in Slovenia, the automatic patient check-in was first provided by the ClinicAll terminals in 2015. In Saudi Arabia more than 200 ClinicAll systems were installed with the brand new customer specific screens design. They integrated 24 different medical applications from the digital Quran to HIS connection.

In 2017, the German Federal Health Minister visited and gave a presentation at ClinicAll’s German headquarters on “The Significance of IT and Digitalization for Future Supply Structures.”

The New Beginning

The year 2018 is a year considered to be simultaneously a beginning of something new, and a continuation of healthcare advancements previously started. First, ClinicAll provided a live demonstration of a digitally networked hospital environment at the ConhIT Exhibition with a wide range of new features integrated in the ClinicAll App. Since ClinicAll now has an ICO project, it will make its app even greater and more convenient.

After equipping the Saudi Arabian hospital in 2015, ClinicAll was looking to further expand its market share on the Arabian peninsula. The negotiations with the GCC governments are continuing. More than 400 ClinicAll systems have already been installed in the first hospital in Qatar to date.

Currently, ClinicAll is concentrated on the digitization of healthcare worldwide. Much has been accomplished, but much remains to be done.

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