The Health of the Future: How Modern Technologies Affect the Healthcare and Why

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Technology has had a considerable impact on human life. It has given us flying and deep diving; it has opened opportunities for space exploration and new fields of knowledge within the Earth and its inhabitants. Every second of every minute brings us closer to other unbelievable discoveries or scientific breakthroughs. Nevertheless, the way modern technology influences every industry differs based on the initial conditions or starting point. Considering its effect on healthcare, we can list not one, but several development directions: theoretical studies, diagnostics and treatment.

Current theoretical studies, exploiting AI and machine and deep learning techniques, are focused on the understanding of the reasons for and preconditions of the most widespread, deadly diseases and the creation of new generation medicines. Some researchers are sure the key to decoding the nature of numerous diseases lies within our own cells’ DNA or RNA, and using modern technology can speed up the process of finding the needed cure.

Modern hospitals are taking advantage of up-to-date diagnostic equipment, making multiple operations and providing precise information about the examined body part with minimal side effects to human health to provide a final and grounded diagnosis within a limited time. Significant achievements in this field have been made by implementing the AI and machine learning techniques able to analyse massive amounts of data at a speed unapproachable for people. Moreover, AI algorithms, properly trained using the comprehensive database of existing examples, can, in fact, ensure precise diagnostics and predict the probable disease progression needed to establish the optimal treatment course.

The provision of the best care involves a more complex approach. Smart hospital and in-ward equipment optimizes the efficiency of the hospital staff by taking over mechanical tasks and keeping patient vitals checked. However, healthcare is not about treatment alone. Currently, the most topical issues for healthcare include the lack of transparency and data interoperability, threatening the collapse of the whole system. Data security probably takes third place. Today, our world is different than it has ever been before (although, every “next generation” probably says the same thing). People fought for a variety of social rights and freedoms before the beginning of the 21st century, and now, we are proudly exercising them. The right to privacy and security of our personal information is an integral part of our life, and it should be protected within each industry. Corruption is another problem currently facing some countries, halting healthcare development. It seems there is no single solution to battle all the ‘enemies.’ — However, this is an opportunity for blockchain to make an entrance.

The system, built upon the interlinked informational blocks across a wide network of computers without single server storage, has multiple advantages over traditional healthcare software programs: a decentralized decision making process (leveling the power of industrial giants over smaller businesses), transparency and the immutable nature of operations (eliminating corruption), global digital data interoperability, a flexible and comfortable payment system (without the involvement of mediators), and the enhanced security of personal data (preventing data breaches or misuse). Rather than being a simple software solution for industrial purposes alone, blockchain enables the creation of a healthcare community on either a regional or global scale.

The listed benefits of the blockchain are focused on solving current healthcare problems. By using the unlimited data storage potential, their environment efficiently solves the problem of data interoperability supporting a high level of synchronization all over the world and real-time clinic-wide updates. By tracking every stage of each operation, whether it is a treatment prescription, service provision or a medicine delivery, blockchain ensures transparency and increased responsibility of the parties involved and prevents corruption at any level. High security standards and the global scale of the ecosystem protect it from massive hacker attacks and keep personal medical records available only to authorized people. Further community benefits include the convenient payment system, offering money-saving payment programs, in addition to simply increasing the speed and security of payment operations. The initial services presented within the core package include automated administrative procedures (check-in, room status updates, nurse call system, room conditions adjustments), enhanced supporting equipment for patients with limited mobility and babies, catering and infotainment services, comfortable visitors arrangements, special offers from pharmacies involved in the ecosystem, and other services ensuring patients comfort and speedy recovery.

In the perfect world we wish to see someday, healthcare won’t be an industry associated with hardships and inconvenience alone. It will be an industry giving hope, promises care and comfort, and bringing our loved ones back home sooner than we could have expected. In that world, “hospital” won’t be a place of children’s nightmares but a temporary change of environment on the way to fast recovery.

Taking into account the benefits of blockchain, the ClinicAll company has made a sharp turn on their direct and long path of traditional software solutions. With the idea of global healthcare changes in mind, they will create a new health ecosystem for the global community comprised of patients and their families, hospital staffs, private healthcare institutions, pharmacies and any other ventures offering products or services to all community members. By using their previous experience, ClinicAll has come up with a comfortable objective for their new healthcare environment in the form of either their already-existing patient bedside software terminals, or a mobile app accessible from everywhere.

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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