Top 10 applications on the blockchain for the medical industry that can be used today

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Blockchain is the technological infrastructure of large-scale solutions to complex medical problems, but many organizations still have not been introduced to the potential of this technology and do not have it available in their daily life.

We have prepared a review of the 10 most meaningful and most useful mobile medical applications using blockchain. Each of them can be used right now!

  1. Patientory

The free mobile dApp contains 10MB of storage and seamlessly integrates with many mobile applications and devices to leverage information on users’ health and activity. Blockchain allows to protect all personal data and facilitate the storage and exchange of it.

2. ClinicAll

This revolutionary app offers hospitals the unique exemption from stationary bedside terminals. The multifunctional and easy-to-use application allows patients to utilise hospital services via their mobile devices. It also gives hospitals the chance to save money and resources by refusing bedside terminals usage.

3. Medicalchain

The application facilitates the connection between doctors, patients, and the sharing of health records for providing online consultations. As well, the Medicalchain platform allows third party developers to showcase their health apps within the ecosystem.

4. Health Wizz

Agregation, organise, sharing, donating and trading medical records are the main features of the Health Wizz blockchain-based app. Also, it allows to earn by participating in trials, track progress and many others. The app has been piloted at Cape Fear Valley Hospital in 2018.

5. Hearthy

The mobile client of Hearthyapp allows to store medical data, schedule appointments and track its medication. With the help of blockchain the application makes Personal Health Records (PHR) more reliable and uncostly.

6. MedX

This is a protocol for launching medical decentralised applications connecting patients and doctors. MadX gives an independence to centralized companies from long and costly storage burdens containing patients health information.

7. Myclinic

The Myclinic app claims that it puts the information at the user’s fingertips and brings the fastest connection with a doctor and booking an appointment. The disadvantage of this application is that it is currently only available in the UK.

8. TimiHealth

The developers of TimiHealth have developed a convenient interface to manage health records and provide complete security of medical information storage anywhere in the world.

9. Blockpharma

The decentralised application developed by a France-based technology firm aims to solve such a major problem as combat medicine counterfeiting. The app allows medical institutions to detect counterfeit products and the origins of the received drugs.

10. Robomed

The medical application allows patients to interact and seek medical consultations. Already included in the application are a number of healthcare organizations and it is fueled by RBM tokens which also can be used by patients at the hospitals that are part of their network.

Which dApps are most suitable to the urgent problems of the healthcare industry and can make the interaction between patients and doctors much easier and faster? We are attentively tracking further development!

The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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