We offer immediate support to the healthcare sector to combat the coronavirus:

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2 min readMar 24, 2020


Special times demand special measures. This is the reason why we from ClinicAll focus all our energy and technological expertise on supporting the healthcare sector. We know that digital applications help to make patient treatments easier and reduce the workload of doctors and staff.

Communication, room control, patient data, patient care, food ordering, simplified logistic processes — the potential of digital solutions is huge.

For everybody involved, the additional burden due to the current situation is very high. We also know that time is short.

How can we assist hospitals, rehab centres, nursing homes and assisted living facilities to improve their capacity? We fully utilize all our resources to provide applications that help fast. This is our offer to all hospitals to effectively support operators, doctors and staff!

How can we support you?

To give examples, we already have realised many applications for hospitals, such as:

Collecting and processing vital signs and patient data

Soft nurse call

Chat and messaging services

Digital food ordering

Patienten registration, bed and room surveillance

Integration of third party applications

Logistic processes

Programming and providing data interfaces

Patient communication, patient education (forms, videos, …)

In addition, digital applications can make a valuable contribution to reduce the risk of infection — especially in the fields of digital communication and data acquisition!

Tell us what you need — we develop the app and provide it as a cloud service:

We have already developed many solutions and can integrate them quickly and easily for new customers. We extensively use cloud services. Often there is no need for time-consuming on-site installations, so that our apps are immediately available to you.

We also have the experience and capacity to develop applications for hospitals at short notice to support doctors and staff in the current situation.

ClinicAll Apps can be used on all major operating systems: iOS, Android as well as desktop systems running Windows.

Please inquire — we are happy to offer our advice and support:




ClinicAll Healthcare

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