What Benefits Does ClinicAll Bring to Its Patients and Clients?

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Being healthy is the new wealthy. During recent years, people have become more conscious about their health status. Fresh and healthy meals, scheduled work and rest hours, and a wide range of activities help us feel great and energetic. Appropriate and affordable medical services play a huge role in our lives. When patients are in need of treatment, they choose the best and highest-quality services for themselves and their relatives. Unfortunately, not every hospital, clinic or health-related institution uses modern technologies. That is the main reason for paying attention to the leading ICO-based project — ClinicAll. The company promises to provide patients the best medical services, and works toward solving the most striking problems within the healthcare system. With the use of blockchain, software and other digital solutions, ClinicAll drastically changes the healthcare industry. This article describes how ClinicAll works for its customers and what benefits the company provides.

Service Disadvantages in Modern Healthcare

The modern healthcare system is far from ideal in many aspects. Management and storage of data, administration issues, absence of available automatic systems, and a long communication path between patients and staff are not going to improve without applying new technologies. Another astonishing fact is how often data breaches take place: according to the Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data, up to 90% of healthcare organizations have had at least one data breach during the last two years, and on average, one breach costs $2.2 million.

A lot of clinics and hospitals suffer from a lack of computers with smart software, which makes work inefficient and delays medical services. The work of medical staff includes administrative tasks, from manual food ordering to filling out medical records. In many cases, hospital check-in and check-out or making an appointment to see the specialist are made by nurses or other staff members. Patients need to wait their turn and have little idea of when help can arrive.

Furthermore, important health data is stored in different systems or often different buildings. In case of emergency, health data needs to be immediately available. Scattered information could prevent making an accurate diagnosis or appropriate treatment plan for patients. The problem of data security also stands out. The ways of storing and exchanging data should be completely safe and secure, avoiding third parties being involved.

ClinicAll is the Future and Ideal System in Healthcare

First, it’s important to mention ClinicAll is an ICO-based project combining blockchain technology with innovative software. The company has existed since 2008, and has already made a lot of improvements to the healthcare system. You can see the results of the company’s work in the clinics and hospitals that have implemented ClinicAll software in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia. In 2015, the lives of Slovenian patients and medical staff became easier with the enhancements like: full access to electronic medical records via ClinicAll terminals, the possibility of editing patients’ data at the bedside, and automatic check-in for patients. In Saudi Arabia and Qatar, ClinicAll has been installed in more than 200 of their medical institutions.

Realizing the potential of blockchain, ClinicAll has adopted a modern option for payments based on blockchain technology and allows customers to pay for medical services via exclusive CHC tokens. The price for medical services is reduced for members of the ClinicAll community in comparison with traditional methods. The application of tokens as a method of payment is not limited to medical institutions; patients can use tokens within snack shops, hairdressers and restaurants that are partners of ClinicAll. The company provides services as arranging for taxi and hotel accommodations. All of these benefits make patients and customers more comfortable during their stay.

ClinicAll is building a community, where members have access to available services. Recently, the company released the mobile app, which will be an entry key for everyone who wants to be a member of the ClinicAll Health Community. Having an app installed on your smartphone or tablet automatically will make you a part of the community. The ecosystem of ClinicAll will play a significant role for everyone in it by connecting members and showing all of the available health care, rehab and related services in every hospital or clinic worldwide.

Patients of ClinicAll Feel at Home

The wide spectrum of facilities ClinicAll provides to their customers is unsurpassed. Undoubtedly, the company makes the healthcare process much faster and more efficient. Owners of the ClinicAll mobile app can use their gadgets directly in the hospitals where ClinicAll software is implemented. As we mentioned above, the healthcare system fails in lack of automatic services like personal check-in and check-out of patients. ClinicAll solves this problem with a digital patient registration system. When patients check-in, the patient gets a printed document including his/her name, room number and initial treatment plan.

Doctors and nurses have safe access to host integration services by using a card to help to fill in the patients’ personal information at the bedside. Moreover, the information is accessible across the entire clinic or hospital.

Trolleys installed in every ward announces doctor’s rounds and records vital data of patients. Patients can control the conditions in the room like lighting or blinds without interrupting the TV or radio. Smart software allows patients to order meals, call a nurse, track their health status, and watch their baby. People with impairments are able to control the computer’s mouse with their eyes and input commands. Adapting the system to each person’s preferences takes minimal time and effort.

ClinicAll is Revolutionary

ClinicAll raises healthcare standards by applying innovative blockchain and software solutions to the modern healthcare system. There’s no doubt their achievements change how medical institutions work and the quality of services patients can receive. ClinicAll is the project well worth keeping an eye on.

Learn more about ClinicAll and their mission to change the healthcare industry forever on https://clinicall.io/

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The ClinicAll Healthcare Community, is enabled by the ClinicAll Health Token (CHC). It intends to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospita

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